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"With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible". Matt 19:26

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Kimesha Blackwood's  Bio


     My name is Kimesha Blackwood a registered nurse and the founder of Blackwood's Healthcare Learning Center (BHLC). BHLC was created out of a need to provide support for internationally educated nurses, nursing students, and new nurses who were in the process of becoming practicing nurses in Canada.  

     BHLC has also partnered with Kaplan Inc an American-based exam prep company, to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Secondly, I wanted to be a part of the solution for Canada's nursing shortage which has become even more challenging since the COVID Pandemic began. 

     From strategic planning, the focus will always be on building an efficient and results-driven relationship with all clients. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action that is right for you to be successful, with an emphasis on passing the OSCE and NCLEX. To that end, BHLC has partnered with Kaplan Inc. to provide additional resources to ensure a positive outcome.  

    Additionally, BHLC is providing hands-on practice/training on foundational nursing skills.  These sessions are both beneficial to the nurse as well as potential patients within their care. To be successful at anything one has to invest in, persevere with, and positively believe that the dream can be achieved. ​   

   At BHLC success is a reality within your reach. Get in touch to learn more about how BHLC can help you to move forward.


Services Offered

Services Offered by BHLC

Consultation Services: 

  • College of Nurse Ontario Application (CNO).

  • National Nursing Assessment Services Application(NNAS).

  • Discussion about the pathway for you and your family with suggestions for legal immigration support as needed.

  • Living and working in Canada with a focus on Ontario.


National Council Licensure Exams(NCLEX) and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) for Canadian nurses' preparation courses.

  • A comprehensive review of major topics with practice questions and rationales.

  • Get in-person or online tutoring with an individualized curriculum, according to your learning needs and style.

  • Flexible scheduling that meets your timeline

  • Competitive prices with varying payment options.

"Prep 4 Work" Skills Workshops 

  • Intravenous Starts and Venipuncture

  • Foley Catheter Insertions 

  • Ostomy Care

  • Nasogastric tube Insertions

  •  Simple Wound Care

  • Documentation(nurses's notes)

  • And so much more!!

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare personnel. (To Come)

Our Services

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College of Nurse of Ontario(CNO):   
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International English Language Testing System( IELTS):

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Blackwood's Healthcare Learning Center

Blackwood's Healthcare Learning Center

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